Material Files: PVC

Vegan leather. Sounds chic, no?

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“Vegan Leather” bag at Urban Outfitters (now sold out)

It’s also an oxymoron. Vegan. Leather. One negates the other. Yet the phrase has become so commonplace that, until recently, it didn’t even occur to me to ask – what is “vegan leather” anyway? Continue reading

Material Files: Cotton

We love cotton – to the tune of nearly 120 million bales per year. That’s how much cotton was produced globally during the 2014/2015 harvest year. Cotton accounts for about 1/3 of the global fiber market, making “the fabric of our lives” a very accurate statement. What is it that makes cotton our favorite?

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To start, it has all the characteristics you could want in a fiber. Cotton is what’s called hydrophilic (think water-loving). This property alone means cotton has a natural wicking ability, resists static, and is easy to clean. It’s shape and diameter make it comfortable against your skin, and its breathability keeps you at a pleasant temperature. All told, cotton is not a hard sell. Without any additional help, cotton lends so many beneficial features to our clothing. Continue reading