Brand Profile: Tradlands

I’ve loved this company for awhile now, but then I saw this post on their blog and decided their brand profile just couldn’t wait any longer.


Tradlands is a maker of menswear-inspired staples, designing pieces that are truly tailored for women. Every detail has been taken into consideration: whether that’s the 8-button front to eliminate awkward gaping, or the slightly longer hem so your shirt stays tucked when you’re on the move. These shirts have substance – a far cry from the tissue paper you’ll find passing for fabric at other retailers. That’s because a Tradlands button down is meant to last for a long long time.

“All of our products are guaranteed to last and made to be lived in. We design clothing that a mother can pass down to her daughter … or that her daughter will borrow from her closet… We are committed to designing and constructing items you love today and value for years to come.”

With classic design and quality construction, a Tradlands shirt is one you’ll enjoy season after season, year after year. After searching for the perfect white button up for years (I can be rather particular when it comes to clothes), I decided to give The Elms a shot. Let’s just say my search is over. It’s perfect: polished enough to wear to work, but not so uptight that I can’t wear it half-tucked into a pair of boyfriend jeans on the weekend. The fit? Like it was meant for me, not my dad or my brother. I didn’t have to deal with the awkward “size up to get enough room in the shoulders/length in the sleeves and just hope it doesn’t double in width” scenario. Because usually that gamble leaves me with enough extra fabric that I could set sail. Just me? Never mind. The point is these shirts are made for women, so they fit women well.

“The amount of care shown in creating great products is always reflected in the attention to detail. There is a clear difference between a shirt bought at Walmart and a shirt purchased from your favorite premium brand. That difference is hidden in every detail. From the fabric to the trims to the person who stitched it together, a garment can either be painfully poor in quality or it can exude care and thoughtful construction. ” –Tradlands

Take a look at Tradlands and let me know what you think. Side note: it’s Fall, time to stock up on flannels anyway.


“Every industry has to be pushed, it has to be answerable to how it’s manufacturing and producing a product. The fashion industry is no different.” — Stella McCartney

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