Don’t Forget to Think

It’s almost here.

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The day retailers anxiously await, the day their sales finally turn to black. The story goes that retailers operate at a financial loss for most of the year; it isn’t until the holiday season (which kicks off with Black Friday) that they generate a profit. Another version attributes the name “Black Friday” to the massive traffic jams and overcrowded sidewalks that result from the flood of people racing to scoop up good deals. In the midst of this chaos, nobody thinks – they just do. Continue reading

Brand Profile: Sword & Plough

The things we buy can be a celebration of the skilled hands that made them. A purchase has the power to provide someone with an occupation, an income, a purpose – it allows them to use their talents and create something of value. In an age when we have come to see our clothing as disposable, it is so important to make this connection between the maker and what is made. When we see clothing in this light – as a celebration of someone’s unique gift – we become linked to that person in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Continue reading

Brand Profile: Reformation

Sometimes brands shout sustainability from the rooftops. Before you ever get to see their product, you are inundated with information about their ethical production, organic materials, and efficient use of water. That’s great, but is that what you came here for? Not exactly. If that’s the case, get ready for a breath of fresh air.

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Reformation is a clothing company that started by restyling vintage pieces and using deadstock fabric – the stuff leftover at factories when other brands order too much. They use renewable fibers rather than contributing to the fashion industry’s love affair with synthetics. In fact, they have a strict no plastic policy: even their shipping materials are plant-based. With so much effort spent on the sustainable front, you might expect them to take shortcuts on style. However, one of their guiding principles as a company is the belief that being conscious shouldn’t require a sacrifice: there should be no trade-offs between sustainability and design. Continue reading

Thoughts From My First Shopping Hiatus

The average American buys 68 new pieces of clothing every year. I recently did an inventory of my closet to see how many pieces I had in total and it wasn’t pretty. My cheeks are burning red as I type this, but here’s the breakdown:

  • Shirts: 58
  • Sweaters: 15
  • Vests/Outerwear: 13
  • Pants: 9
  • Skirts/Dresses: 13 (there are more but all my summer clothes are in a box somewhere)
  • Shoes: 24

The sad thing is that these numbers represent my closet after a major downsizing operation and they don’t include any of my athletic apparel. I’d be lying if I told you I wear all of these pieces regularly – it’s not possible. It was quite the wake-up call, so I moved into action. Or rather, inaction. Continue reading